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Extensional rheology
Extensional Viscosity under extensional flow
The extensional viscosity is an important parameter for many applications, e.g. in sprays (coating and cosmetic), inks or jet fuels (obfuscation) and in food industry. This property is relevant if extensional flow prevails.

Always when the diameter of a flow channel changes the flow can’t be described by shear flow only: Extensional flow takes (at least partially) place. In this case extensional viscosity plays an important role for the flow behavior. The extensional viscosity differs from the shear viscosity. For samples with simple flow behavior this difference can be calculated. For complex samples like polymer containing mixtures the extensional viscosity has to be measured. A typical example for an extensional flow is the streaming (entering or leaving) of a liquid through a nozzle. The measuring principle of our extensional viscometer is based on the determination of flows and forces in such a nozzle-flow.

Liquids under extensional flow:
We use a Rheometrics RFX Fluid Analyzer, whose measuring principle is opposed nozzles. Because of the arrangement of the nozzles, an uniaxial extensional flow can be achieved. The required extensional rate can be realized with the variation of the nozzle diameter and the pump velocity.

Schema of the extensional rheometer

The extensional flow rheometer Rheometrics RFX is suitable for the determination of extensional viscosity of liquids with shear viscosities ranging from 50 mPas to ca. 10 Pas. Depending on the viscosity  of the sample extensional rates up to 10,000 1/s can be achieved.

Sketch of an uniaxial extension

Extensional rheological measurements of foils and films:
Extensional rheological measurements of foils, films, and fibers can be realised by means of the Universal Extensional Fixture (UXF) combined with a air beared rheometer. The measurements deliver information about the temperature stablity, the shrinking, recovery, and brittleness of the material.

The Universal Extensional Fixture (UXF) is a combined measuring system of a rotating and a statonary cylinder. With the help of a convection oven deformation and shear stress controlled DMA experiments can be realised in a huge temperature range.

Universaldehn-Halterung (UXF)
Universal Extensional Fixture (UXF)

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