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We are a dynamic company - named after its founders Wolf, Eckelt, Eich - which has its origin in the working group of Prof. Bernhard A. Wolf at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz. The main research took place in the field of thermodynamic of polymers and the rheology. The scientific results are documented in almost 300 publications and were presented on several international conferences and workshops.
A special area, that was dealt with extensively, is the fractionation of polymers. The achievements in this field led to the development of the "Continuous Spin Fractionation". This patented method enables the separation of harmful contents from synthetic or biological polymers.

The WEE-Solve GmbH provides solutions for its customers. Our business activities include additional to the fractionation / purification of polymers the determination of physico- chemical properties e.g. the flow behaviour (rheology). Our customers come from various areas like polymer, coatings, food science, pharmacy and cosmetic. They profit from our long term research experience.

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