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Rheology describes the flow and deformation behavior of samples under mechanical stress. These properties are very important for the production of coating, food, polymer, cosmetics, pharma and others.

Beside rheological and viscometric standard measurements we also deal with complex rheological questions like the development of measuring procedures for the areas research and development or quality control.

Our most important viscometric and rheological investigations are:

Capillary viscometry due to the determination of the viscosity of newtonian liquids. Determination of the viscosity number and the intrinsic viscosity (Calculation of the molar masses with the Kuhn-Mark-Houwink relation).

Rheological standard measurment for almost all kind of samples. Application: Measuring the viscosity at different shear rates.

Characterization of almost all kind of samples, which do not flow by itselves, e.g. pastes, creams, sealants.

Dependency of the viscosity on the duration of shear. Important e.g. for the levelling and sagging of coatings, for food (ketchup) and the processing of ceramic slurries.

General information about oscillatory tests

Application: Coatings, dispersions, sedimentation stability, determination of yield points.


Of significant importance to polymer melts. Also applicable to coatings, polymer and tenside solutions, cosmetics.


Measurements of solutions in liquid or supercritical gases or in solvents above their boiling temperatures.

Determination of the extentional viscosity of liquids with the Rheometrics RFX Fluid Analyzer

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