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Our equipment consists of a two-beam spectrometer which has a wavelength range from 190 up to 1100 nm. The two-beam optics allows us the simultaneous measurement of the sample and of the reference (pure solvent). A schematic set-up of the two-beam spectrometer is shown below.

Set-up of the two-beam UV/Vis-spectrometer

Schematic set-up of the two-beam UV/Vis-spectrometer

By means of the UV/Vis-spectroscopy we can offer the following analysis:

Measurement of the absorption spectra in a wavelength range from 190 up to 1100 nm

Time-dependent measurement of the absorption, e.g. for tracking the chemical reaction kinetics

Measurement of the absorption at different wavelengths, e.g. for pureness validation

Photometric determination of the concentration by means of calibration curves

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